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Post by Jojozityjo on Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:02 am

Ello ello ello beasties, scalies, aliens, dark and light, mystic, mortal, and other worldly beings of everything and everywhere that was, is, and shall be. The place for rp is here ... well .. not here here in this thread, i mean, in this topic itself Very Happy lol

Anywho, got any ideas for rps you think youd like to make, put them here and get them critiqued and viewed for possible pass or fail. If people agree it may be good, by all means, put it up.

few simple and easy to follow guide-lines though ...

Be sure to post the possible story, info, bio, background, etc and actual rp itself here in one thread and put the character list for the rp in the Roleplay Characters section.
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